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Which Cat Breed Lives The Longest

What Is The Difference Between A Sick Cat And An Old Cat

CAT BREEDS (The Bombay) Identify Top 10 Longest Living Cats & Kittens info

As your cat ages it will experience changes in behaviour, appearance and in its physical health. Cats should retain their ability play and jump when they age even if it is slightly reduced. Cats should also be able to maintain a healthy weight as they age. There should be no significant changes to muscle mass or body fat.

From a behavioural point of view your cats sleep patterns may change, their meows and other vocalisations may change and they may become less tolerant. In terms of appearance their nails may thicken, pupils can become cloudy and teeth may become slightly yellow or off white due to the thickening of dental walls.

There may be changes in your cats daily routines, a decline in vision and mobility and declines in their sense of smell and hearing.

A good way to keep an eye on your older cats health is by using the acronym DISHA to watch our for signs of cognitive decline:

  • Disorientation getting lost in familiar areas or not recognising family members
  • Interaction Changes they may become more clinging or irritable
  • Sleep Disturbances changes in their sleep patterns
  • House Soiling going to the toilet in places where they shouldnt
  • Changes in Activity less interest in play or excessive licking

The most common causes of death in cats overall are:

  • Trauma 12.2%

Most common causes of death in cats under 5 years:

  • Trauma: 47.3%

Most common causes of death in cats over 5 years:

  • Kidney Disease: 13.6%
  • Cancer: 12.3%

What Can Impact The Lifespan Of A Cat

There are many important factors when it comes to your cats lifespan. This includes diet and health, exercise and playtime, and their environment. Cats live much longer when kept indoors.

They also live longer lives when they are fixed.Theres data that shows that neutered male cats live 62% longer than unneutered males. Spayed female cats live 39% longer than unspayed female cats.

The List Of Longest Living Cat Breeds

For most feline darlings, the catlike winds up being substantially more than only a pet she will turn into your companion, your consistent buddy, your resting accomplice, and even your wake up timer. There is nothing more annihilating to a feline proprietor than losing a cherished cat so you can expand the shot of your picked feline carrying on with the longest, most advantageous life conceivable, it is astute to do as such.

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What Breeds Of Cats Live The Longest

Some research shows that certain breeds of cats live longer than others. While we are not well versed in feline breeds, reading about this in The Spruce was interesting so we wanted to share.

Its important to note that your cat will not live the longest life possible just because of her breed. While certain breeds of cats may have a better shot at living a long life, there are many factors that play into longevity for our kitties. Diet, stress regulation, refraining from over-vaccination and over-medicating as well as supplemental support is key to a longer, healthier life for all cats. Our favorite breed of cat is a rescue, and some of our kitties have lived 20+ years.

So, according to this article, the Siamese breed of cat lives the longest with and average lifespan of 12-20 years. The only illness this breed is prone to is dental and respiratory, and we know that we can remedy this with proper nutritional prevention and regular dental checkups. We were excited to hear this news because our youngest black kitties are said to have Siamese in them .

Next on the list is Burmese kitties. As a cross with Siamese, this breed is said to live an average of 16-18 years. They are prone to glaucoma, but again, this can be remedied with proper supplemental preventative care. Usually. These kitties are so freaking cute.

The Actual Longest Lived Cats

What was your oldest cat? Comment below and let us know!

Can I Give My Cat Cbd

The list of longest living cat breeds

CBD is a great way to give your cat a healthy lifestyle. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp, meaning it wont get your cat high. Instead, CBD interacts with the receptors in your cats endocannabinoid system , which helps your cat maintain a sense of well-being and balance.

The receptors are found in almost every system in your cats body. This includes the nervous, immune, and digestive systems. That means the receptors are in your cats body and mind, which ultimately means that the CBD will have a variety of benefits for your cats physical and mental well-being.

A lot of people provide their cats with CBD to keep them calm and reduce negative behavior. Regular CBD will keep your cat from being aggressive or destructive. CBD oil along with other CBD products for cats can also reduce stress and nervousness.

Holistapets CBD cat treats are also a great option for cats with physical discomfort and joint inflammation!

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Indoor Vs Outdoor Cat

According to the ASPCA, the average lifespan of an indoor cat is 13 to 17 years and cats who live up to 20 years are not uncommon. In general, outdoor cats who are allowed to roam during the day have shorter lives than indoor cats. This is because they are open to several dangers that indoor cats are not. These include traffic accidents, attacks from other animals, and certain diseases. It is estimated that an outdoor cats lifespan can be 2 to 3 years shorter than that of indoor cats.

Discerning Cat FavouritesAlexeis Favourite Food

What Is The Average Lifespan For An Outdoor Cat

A lot of people are shocked to find out that the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is two to five years. Cats should be kept inside for a multitude of reasons, all of which can play a big role in shortening a cats life.

Stray Cats

Cats who are let outside can come into contact with feral and stray cats. These cat colonies can give your cat a multitude of diseases if they get in a fight. Even a simple scratch can give your cat FIV, which is a fatal disease that will leave your cat sick and unable to be around other cats ever again.


Injuries from wild animals and dogs can also shorten your cats life severely. Dogs that arent on a leash can attack cats, even kill them. Wild animals will also see your cat as a snack. This includes fox, coyote, hawks, fisher cats, and other predators.


Another concerning danger for outdoor cats is traffic. A lot of cats get hit by cars. Unfortunately, people who hit cats will often speed away without letting anyone know. Cats are not considered property, so drivers are not obligated to inform anyone if they hit a cat. This, unfortunately, means your pet could be left on the side of the road for days.

Pests, Parasites & Diseases

Cats Are Considered Pests Themselves

Its very important to not personify your cat and understand how to make them happy while living completely indoors. With proper care, your cat will live a lot longer and have a more fulfilling life.

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What Are The Longest Living Cat Breeds

Some cat breeds live longer than others, due to their large gene pools and genetics. Here are some of the cat breeds that are known to live the longest.

  • Siamese: This ancient breed is known to live up to 20 years. Their biggest known health issues are related to their teeth, so remember to brush their teeth daily. The Siamese is a vocal kitty and will always let you know how theyre feeling. They are very social and loyal, so youll have a friend for life.
  • Burmese: This is another social and loving cat that will become your best friend. Burmese cats are known to live about 18 years. A common health concern is glaucoma, but theyre generally a healthy breed.
  • Savannah Cat: This exotic breed lives about 20 years. Its part African serval, meaning it has an energetic personality. The Savannah Cat is known to get a bit mischievous and playful but is fully domesticated.
  • Egyptian Mau: The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest breeds in the world, spotted in ancient Egyptian art. This breed is known to live around 15 years old. They are social and playful, making them a great addition to any family that has time to spend with them.
  • Ragdoll: This breed also lives around 15 years old. Ragdoll cats are very fluffy and stunning cats that are known to flop around like a ragdoll, hence the name. This kitty is friendly and trusting, making them great family companions.

Whats The Name Of The Domestic Shorthair Cat

What breed of dog lives longest ? Pet Lifespan

One of the most popular cat breeds in the world is the Domestic Shorthair, which is also commonly referred to as DSH. Other common names include house shorthair cat, shorthair household pet, or moggies- as theyre called across the pond.

However, the lack of pedigree doesnt mean that these cats dont boast a rich history. It is believed that the Domestic Shorthair was domesticated in ancient Egypt, around 2000 BC. But the breed did not make its way to America until the Pilgrims took some of these cats on the Mayflower for purposes of rodent control.

1. Domestic Shorthairs Are Always On The Hunt On average, a domestic shorthair that travels outside of the home will spend up to 6 hours a day just hunting! These cats earned their passage to the United States aboard the Mayflower, praised for their natural ability to control the rodent population on ships.

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The Best Cat Breeds That Live The Longest

Youveheard about the cat with nine lives thing. Sorry to tell you, thats not true.You wish your feline friend could just carry on living, though, but thats thehurt you face when they dont. Make the most of your pet while you can!

Cats,though, generally seem to live longer than most other pets. Now, thats ageneralization if ever there was one. However, on the whole, its valid.

TheManx cat will live for about 14 to 16 years. This is a playful, social, andadventurous cat who could also have no tail. This is a genetic thing, but itdoesnt always hold true. It doesnt mean anything whether it has a tail ornot.

The Manx has been likened to a dog as it shows the same pet-owner characteristics as its canine brothers and sisters. It is a very loyal and loving cat and will give the owner as much love as the owner bestows on it.

The Persian Cat Breed

The distinctive characteristics of the Persian breed of cat are its short muzzle, round face, and fluffy appearance. It is called by different names in different countries. It is sometimes known as the Persian Longhair. It is also known as the Iranian cat in the Middle East regions. Although the Persian cat has a calm and quiet personality, it loves attention and likes to cuddle. Also, it does not mind being a lap-cat once a while. It likes to play and follow its owner sometimes. The Persian cat is prone to certain health issues. These include corneal ulcers, diarrhea, and other stomach problems. It is strongly advised that every owner of a Persian cat should visit the vet regularly for periodic health examinations. The Persian cat is a high-maintenance cat, especially when it comes to grooming. Its fur requires brushing on a daily basis to prevent it from matting. It also sheds excessively, so you have to be sure to vacuum regularly to prevent your home from becoming messy with cat fur. The Persian cat is, therefore, not the cat to have around people with cat allergies. It has an average lifespan of fifteen to twenty years.

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What Cat Breed Can Live The Longest

Opening your home to a cat is a long-term commitment, usually meaning years of enjoying your favorite feline’s companionship. Cat lovers know that time can pass quickly and that it’s always too soon to say goodbye to their friends. If you’re looking for an especially long-lived cat breed, consider the Siamese, Russian blue, Bombay or American shorthair.

Siamese If You Please

10 Longest

Long and lean, the Siamese cat is an easily recognized cat who has been winning Best in Show awards for more than 100 years. She’s available in two body types: the show, which is a tubular body with long legs, a long tail and a wedge-shaped head sporting large ears, and the traditional, which takes a more rounded appearance in body and head. The Siamese coat comes in different colored points, which is color on the face, legs, ears and tails. Common Siamese color points include seal, chocolate, lilac and blue silver, smoke, cream, red and tabby are also point colors.

The Siamese is a curious cat, happy to explore and tell you exactly what’s on her mind. With some time and training, she’s often game to learn walking on a leash or tricks, such as playing fetch. A 15-year life expectancy is normal for a healthy Siamese, though bladder stones, eye and heart problems and cancer is sometimes present in the breed. Show type Siamese may be more vulnerable to dental and respiratory issues than traditional types of Siamese.

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Indoor Cats Live Longer

Where a kitty lives can affect her lifespan, too. Indoor cats live two to three years longer on the average than their free-roaming counterparts. They aren’t subjected to the disease, traffic or other dangers of outdoor cats. Also, cats who live indoors have healthier diets in general, as their humans can better monitor and control what they eat.

What Is The Lifespan Of Dog

In general, small dogs enjoy longer lives than do their larger counterparts. A recent analysis of veterinary records revealed that dogs under 20 pounds had an average lifespan of 11 years while those over 90 pounds typically lived for only 8 years. Medium and large dogs fell in the middle at around 11 years.

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The Life Expectancy Of Indoor Cats

Good news for cat lovers: Cats are living longer lives than ever thanks to better nutrition and advances in medical care. So just how long do indoor cats live?

The short answer, according to the ASPCA, is 13 to 17 years. Thats the average for all cats kept indoors, but there are many variables that can shorten or lengthen a cats life.

Longest Living Cat Breeds: A Guide To Felines With Nine Lives

CAT BREEDS (The MANX) Identify Top 10 Longest Living Cats & Kittens info

Its often fun to compare a cats life expectancy to human years and say that a 10-year-old cat is 53 in human years. But is that true? Is that how cat life expectancy works? Not really! The longest living cat breeds often live around 20 years old, but that can be much longer given the proper nutrition, exercise, and environment.

How long a cat lives depends on a number of factors, most notably their food and activity level. But there are other things to keep in mind if you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, regardless of breed. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want your cat to live as long as Creme Puff !

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Average Lifespan Of A Cat

Domestic cats live an average of 14 years, according to years of veterinary research and records.

Some cats can live up to twenty years or older.

However, while the average lifespan of a cat is 14, studies have shown that mortality rates in cats peak at one year and 15 and 16 years.

In general, crossbred cats live longer than purebred cats.

Crossbred cats, in a study performed in England by the Royal Veterinary College, lived approximately 14 years, while purebred cats lived about 12.5 years.

We know that trauma is the leading cause of death for young cats, but what about older cats?

After age five, the leading cause of death for cats is kidney disease, but there are other factors that determine the length of your cats life.

A Word About Outdoor Cats

This article answered the question how long do indoor cats live? but its important to point out the best way to shorten a cats life expectancy is to let him wander outside. Outdoor cats only live an average of 2 to 5 years. The dramatic difference is attributed to the many dangers an outdoor cat faces, including traffic and predators.

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How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live

Maine coons, with their unmistakable tipped ears, are prone to several genetic problems that result in a shorter lifespan than other cats.

Hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and polycystic kidney disease can all shorten your Maine Coons lifespan.

On average, Maine Coons only live 11 years, but these larger than life cats certainly leave an impression.

Its Time To Talk About Fat Cats

Top 10 cat breeds that live the longest

Fat cats are undeniably cute, as the internet proves on a regular basis, but for every extra kilogram of weight your cat puts on, your cats lifespan is reduced an average of 6 months.

This is because being overweight puts your cat at increased risk of developing illnesses like diabetes.

Feeding the right amount of a healthy diet and making sure your cat gets plenty of exercise is the best thing you can do to help your cat live a long life.

Regular checkups and vaccines help too.

Making sure your cat is vaccinated and kept up to date on preventatives reduces their risk of contracting diseases.

Those veterinary visits can also help your veterinarian catch any other illnesses, like cancer or diabetes, in time for treatment.

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