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Why Does My Cat Meow For No Reason

So Why Is My Cat Howling

Why do cats meow at you, at night, in the morning, for no reason…

So why is my cat howling? Cats often meow to communicate with humans. They use their voice to get food, attention, or signal that they are leaving or entering a room.

However, if your cat suddenly howls, there is usually something outside your cats daily habits.

Sometimes you think that your cat kept howling for no reason, but actually, theres a reason for it.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly So Talkative

Many cats become more talkative and noisy over time if they learn that meowing will get them attention, food, or affection. Unless you love your cats chatter, its important not to reward meowing. To avoid encouraging this behavior, wait until your cat is quiet before putting out food or granting affection.

To Tell You Somethings Wrong

Cats may meow to communicate stress or fear, perhaps at the arrival of a new baby or a strange new cat in the neighborhood.

In some cases, there could be a medical explanation for your cats meowing. For example, older cats can develop confusion and behavioral changes, similar to Alzheimers in humans, and meow at random and inappropriate times.

Cats may also meow or yowl when they are in pain. Pay particular attention to this behavior if you have a male cat and the meowing is accompanied by the cat straining to urinate. Male cats can become blocked or unable to urinate, which is a life-threatening emergency. A major indicator of this problem is a cat whos meowing and making constant attempts to urinate in inappropriate locations.

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How To Calm And Relax A Growling Cat

If you feel like your cat is growling due to stress or pain, its always the right thing to call a veterinarian and make an appointment. But meanwhile, you might want to give your cat some comfort to reduce their growling.

  • Leave them alone: If you notice body language like hissing, baring teeth, tail flicking, and wide eyes, its most likely best to leave your cat alone. They are probably warning you to back off.
  • Dont pet them: While you might think petting them could calm your cat, it can come off as a threat to your cat.
  • Provide them with CBD: CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD interacts with your cats endocannabinoid system , which may result in soothing and calming effects. Simply drop some CBD oil for cats in their food each day to ensure your feline feels balanced and more peaceful.
  • Remove other pets from their territory: Sometimes their aggression may be due to a new pets presence. Its possible you introduced them too fast. Your cat may feel threatened by the newcomer. Allow your cat to establish its territory while the new animal remains in a separate room.
  • Never punish them: If your cat starts growling, dont spray them with water or yell at them. They wont understand that you want them to stop growling. Instead, they will only feel even more threatened and fearful. This will just make them act even more aggressive, scared, or defensive.

Why Is Your Cat Meowing At Night

Why do cats meow at you, at night, in the morning, for no ...

Cats are known to sleep for extended periods of time but can be active when theyre not sawing logs. If your cat vocalizes at night while youre sleeping, consider these reasons for your cat meowing at night.

  • Changing residences can cause anxiety, which may present itself as a cat whining or a cat meowing at night.
  • Kitty is bored and wants you to wake up and play with her.
  • Hunger or thirst are afoot, and your cat is sounding the alarm.
  • An older cat may be experiencing dementia and her meows are based in confusion.
  • Theres a health-related cause for your cat meowing at night.
  • A newly adopted kitten might feel scared in her new environment.
  • A newly adopted older cat may feel lonely because shes used to the company of other cats at the shelter especially if she had bonded with a particular friend.
  • Something she sees outside likely another cat disturbed her.
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    What Is Excessive Vocalization

    Excessive vocalization does not have a strict definition. What is considered excessive depends on the tolerance level of the individual listener, which may be influenced by many factors, including prior experience with cats, the type of vocalization, the time of day, and the perceived reason for the vocalization. For example, a cat meowing loudly for breakfast may be more tolerable than the same cat repeatedly meowing for no apparent reason in the middle of the night.

    Why Does My Cat Meow At Night While I Sleep

    Cats are known to sleep for extended periods of time but can be active when theyre not sawing logs. If your cat vocalizes at night while youre sleeping, consider these reasons for your cat meowing at night. Changing residences can cause anxiety, which may present itself as a cat whining or a cat meowing at night.

    When your old cat meows all the time, especially loud yowling at night, there could be a serious health problem. Photo: Mingo Hagen Is that a new techno sound upstairs, or has your old cat just gone over the brink?

    The idea of a cat yowling at all hours of the night and waking up the house may sound funny, but senior cats who begin to yowl like this may be suffering from something serious and treatable. Excessive vocalization in cats is more common at night although some old cats vocalize at any time.

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    Was Your Pet Food Recalled

    Disorientation is not uncommon, and your cat may meow out of frustration or confusion. Leave a light on at night if your cat vocalizes then or if they are bumping into things.

    Especially if your older cat isnt just talking to you but is yowling very loudly, then please see the vet.

    Finding and treating the underlying cause can do a lot more than give you back a good nights sleep it can add happy years to your cats life, as Dr. Debora Lichtenberg, VMD, explains in her article Why Does My Older Cat Yowl All the Time?

    Why does my cat meow so much? Check out the range of noises this little meow-machine makes:

    6. Your cat is in heat.

    Female cats in heat can become very vocal suddenly. They do this to attract males. Males are also noisy if they detect a cat in heat nearby.

    Do yourself and the feline overpopulation problem a favor have your girl spayed.

    7. Your cat just wants to tell you hello.

    Sometimes your cat may be meowing to say hi. Its as simple as that.

    Cat Wont Stop Meowing After Giving Birth

    Cat meowing for no reason

    Immediately after giving birth, your cats primary goal is to look after and protect her kittens. During this process, her instincts will take over, and shell move her kittens around quite a lot as soon as theyve been born.

    Most of the time, cats are healthy after birth. But excessive meowing indicates your cats in pain or suffering from a health condition. The most common is galactostasis, which is where the mammary glands become full and swollen. This causes extreme discomfort and prevents the mother cat from nursing her kittens.

    Another potential issue is mastitis, which is a related condition where the mammary glands become infected. Affected cats experience:

    • Brown or reddish milk
    • Inability or refusal to nurse
    • Loss of appetite
    • Listlessness

    In this case, your cats body is attempting to fight off the infection. Finally, if the cats placenta doesnt deliver properly during the birthing process, the animals likely to develop an infection. Keep an eye on your pet for any signs of distress, such as non-stop meowing, and take your cat to the vet immediately.

    Meowing isnt always a sign of pain or discomfort. If the environment isnt suitable for your cat or her kittens, shell vocalize to tell you. Pay attention to her meows, as you might need to move the cats to a different place in the house.

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    Why Do Cats Meow Loudly

    Aside from body language, meows are a cat’s primary mode of communication. A meow can come in many forms and for many different reasons. Most healthy cats are usually attempting to communicate something when they meow. For instance, your cat may be trying to tell you that it’s hungry, stressed out, scared, excited, or that it simply wants some of your time and attention.

    Meows may also sound slightly different from one another based on the reasons behind them:

    Reasons A Cat May Be Meowing A Lot

    1. Your cat simply wants attention.

    Maybe this is because the cat wants to play, or theyre bored.

    Dont respond every time your cat meows instead, give them attention when they get quiet. If your cat keeps meowing, walk away until they calm down.

    Walking away is for excessive meowing, but do be sure to spend time with your cat every day . Playing with your cat also provides a proper amount of exercise, essential for their well-being.

    Keep rewarding the quiet behavior and ignoring the constant meowing. Rewarding your cat for their calmness can help curb the noises, but it might still be a long process.

    2. Your cat is sick.

    Meowing is one way a cat communicates, and your cat may be trying to tell you that they dont feel well.

    Cats are good at hiding illnesses, and meowing or making noise without showing interest in food could be a sign of a health problem that needs attention.

    Constant cat meowing could indicate an overactive thyroid, kidney disease, problems urinating or a host of other health issues. If this behavior is something new in your cat, its worth a trip to the veterinarian.

    3. Your cat is hungry.

    Some cats may meow for only 2 things: a litter boxrelated reason or food.

    If the food bowl is empty, your cat let you know by meowing a lot.

    Make sure your cat is getting enough food and is eating at the appropriate times. And while youre at it, check the water bowl, too.

    4. Your cat is stressed.

    5. Your cat is old and confused.

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    Is Cat Growling Normal

    Cat behavior and communication arent as well studied as dogs. So sometimes cat owners are confused about why their cats are doing certain things. Sometimes it can even seem random or maybe for no reason. But cats are usually very deliberate in their behavior.

    Meowing, chirping, purring, yowling, growling, and hissing are all normal vocalizations for cats. Each behavior expresses a particular feeling to other cats and their human family members.

    While there are many reasons for cat growling, its never because your cat is happy. Its very important to pay attention to what your cat is responding to since growling is often a defensive or angry behavior. Even though growling is normal, your cat may be in distress.

    Why Is My Cat Growling

    Why Does My Cat Meow When I Cough? 7 Possible Reasons

    There are many reasons that cats will growl. Maybe they didnt like how the new kitten kept trying to play with them when they wanted to relax. Or maybe they didnt like it when you were petting that spot on their back. Maybe they were angry that a visiting child pulled them out of their favorite hiding place.

    Whatever the situation, there are five general reasons that a cat will growl. Most incidents can fall under one of these categories. The bottom line is that cats only growl for negative reasons. A happy or content cat will never growl.

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    Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing For No Reason

    Ive observed the difference between my cats and in each of my cat over time when it comes to meowing. Charlie, on one hand, is a very vocal fella. He will let you know when hes hungry, he will let you know when he missed you, he will talk back to you when you call him. Nala, on the other hand, doesnt meow much but she will when she wants fresh water from the tap, when the litter box is dirty and when she sees prey.

    There are many reasons why your cat might be meowing non stop, including serious reasons that might mean you should take your cat to the vet or silly reasons. The short answer is, your cat will meow for no reason if he/she is sick, bored and wants to play, hungry or thirsty, stressed, or just wants to converse with you.

    Read the reasons below as to why your cat might be meowing and try to gauge whether its serious or your cat is just being a cat. If its serious, you should take your cat to the vet. Read on to determine why your cat might be meowing.

    How Your Vet Will Find The Problem

    When someone brings one of these cats to my vet clinic, I start with a thorough physical:

    • I check the cats eyesight, senses, oral cavity, body weight, cardiac, etc.

    If I find hyperthyroidism or hypertension, we treat these conditions medically and see if we make an improvement. This is the fairly easy part of the diagnostic plan.

    Dental or Arthritis Pain

    Pain assessment is more difficult.

    • Often, we find severe dental disease in the physical exam.
    • Arthritis may or may not be obvious.

    Are these conditions causing the yowling? Trial pain medication may be prescribed to see if arthritic or neurologic pain improves. A dental procedure may be recommended if the cat is in a stable state for anesthesia.

    Other Sources of Pain

    Other sources of pain or chronic inflammation may not be as obvious.

    Cats living with subacute pain for a long time may be very stoic. Weight loss in an older cat is a tipoff that there is a problem. The workup may reveal pain caused by GI disease, pancreatitis, neoplasia and so on, but the level of pain itself is still subjective.

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    They Have A Medical Problem Or Theyre Stressed

    The problem: Numerous diseases and ailments can cause your cat to be hungry, thirsty, or in pain, resulting in excessive meowing. Kidney disease and an overactive thyroid are just two such medical conditions. Stress can also cause a cat to be more vocal. If youve moved recently, added a new family member, or gone through any other significant life changes, your cat may be feeling stressed out, making her meow more.

    The solution: This can be a severe problem. If you suspect your cat is in physical or emotional pain, schedule an appointment with your vet for a full checkup. They can give you tips for how to calm your anxious kitty or create a complete treatment plan to relieve your cats pain.

    Your Cat May Be Bored Or Unstimulated

    Patches meows her butt off again for no reason

    Cat crying at night may be simply because theyre bored or because they havent tired themselves out during the day. Active play before bedtime may help to ensure that they are more tired out at night, as will trying to keep their minds active and happy during the day. Cat meowing at night can essentially be attention-seeking behaviour.

    Although it is important to attend to your cats needs, constantly complying with their asking for attention may lead to them asking for it more frequently, so if this is a frequent occurrence, try not to give in too often.

    If you have an indoor cat without access to outdoor space, youll need to make plenty of time for play throughout the day, otherwise they may find themselves a touch hard done by when you go off to bed, leading to your cat yowling at night. Find out more about mental stimulation for your indoor cat with our handy guide.

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    Play With Your Cat More

    If your cat is simply bored, spend more time engaging her in activities that stimulate her brain. Get a feather wand or a red laser toy and encourage her to run around the house. Put a treat in your hand and get her to chase you. Invest in a window perch she can sit on for some “cat TV.”

    You can even take things one step further and start clicker training her. Cats can be taught to sit, high-five, jump over items, ring a bell, or even run through an obstacle course.

    So Why Does Your Cat Keep Meowing

    Cats can be very vocal animals and use their voices for communication with each other and with us. The problem is that it can be difficult to differentiate between sounds and understand exactly why it is happening. With practice, you can pick up on tonal differences.

    A contented little meow could be a sign of gratitude, but they could use similar repeated phrases to get your attention. A harsher yowl sounds more negative, like they are in distress or pain, but this might not be the case. That is why it is important to get to know your cats traits and watch out for changes.

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    The Cats Meow: A Brief Overview

    Newborn kittens use meowing as their main method of communicating with their mother. Their adorable, tiny mews let mom know if they are cold, hungry, or even sick. However, those kittens eventually outgrow both their mothers milk and the meow as their primary feline language.

    Adult cats rely on various methods to communicate among themselves. Most of them take a lot less effort and are considerably less noisy than meowing, like scent marking and body language. For this reason, cats no longer need to rely on meowing to talk, so long as they only speak to each other.

    Once ancient cats decided to throw their lot in with humans, that all changed. Humans cant smell well enough to decipher scent communication and arent the greatest at reading cat body language either. Because of this, cats went back to basics in their quest to communicate with their new human companionsmeowing.


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