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What Are Cat Eye Glasses

What Era Are Cat

Cat Eye Glasses – Where I buy my glasses/ review!

Cat-eye glasses are one of the classic styles of eyewear. They first appeared around the 1930s, but they really became popular after actress Audrey Hepburn sported big cat-eye sunglasses in the classic 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffanys.

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Explore Cat Eyes Glasses For Women And Men

Finding the perfect pair of cat eye glasses is quite a task when there are thousands of options to choose from. Perfectly chosen eyeglasses help in completing your overall look. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while picking one.

Enhance your style with the popular vintage style designer cat eye frames. At Titan Eye+, we offer an extensive range of cat eye frames online. You can conveniently browse through the latest cat eye frames for women and men to find your next pair of favorite frames.

Would A Cat Eye Frame Look Good On Me

Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Katy Perry. Scarlet Johannsen. What do all of the women have in common, aside from being gorgeous and famous of course?

They all knew how to rock cat eye glasses frames.

We watch the celebrity magazines and the red carpet events and see these beautiful faces wearing cat eye shaped glasses and sunglass and wonder

Can I get that look? Would a cat eye frame look good on me.?

The good news for most women is, yes! They will look fantastic. Well tell you a little more about this retro turned modern trend look, why they work on so many faces and show you a few of our favorite styles.

What Distinguishes a Cat eye Frame?

A cat eye shaped frame covers many different versions of an eyewear frame that has a high eyebrow arch and a bottom that sweeps up towards the cheekbone.

When we talk about cat eye frames, what often comes to mind are the elaborate versions that came to the forefront of fashion in the 1950s. The early 60s brought us cat eye sunglasses thanks to Holly Golightly. The 60s also marked wider accessibility of the style to more women.

But dont worry, these arent your grandmothers glasses! Todays cat eye frames are a bit more chic and fashion forward. They still come in a variety of colors and some with decorative accents, like jewels or patterns particularly at the tips. The styles include both thick, dark frames and thinner frames which can be more flattering to a wider variety of faces.

Your Makeup, Your Eyewear.

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What Face Shape Do Cat

The cat-eye frame has been revisited throughout the years and many have created different designs embedding the retro style.

Firstly, to find the right cat-eye silhouette for you, you have to determine which face you have. Start by standing in front of the mirror, with a bar of soap or lipstick, and outline your face. Youll see which image resembles closely the outline youve drawn: round, oval, square, or even heart-shaped. You can always refer to our face shape guide for reference.

Due to the classic cat-eye frame having angular lines, the retro style is a suitable fit for round or oval faces. With an oval face, you can pretty much style any frame design and with cat-eye sunglasses or eyeglasses, youd look best with a slightly larger pair – avoid oversized frames. You may find your next pair of prescription cat-eye glasses with Gucci.

A round face would also gain contrast from angular cat-eye frames creating a balance between the facial features and glasses. With round glasses you could risk your features looking even more rounder – so why not add some edges. Our Value Collection offers a range of diverse frames you can find in any shape or size, including eye-catching and fun cat-eye frames!

Although cat-eye frames would best suit oval or round faces, this particular frame design can also be found in a rounder shape. This is great news for those who have more angular facial features, like square faces.

Will My Bank Continue To Charge Me Interest

45550 Cat Eye CCSPACE Ladies Glasses Frames For Women ...

Yes, your bank will charge you interest. However, the interest to be charged by the bank will be provided to you as an upfront discount at the time of your purchase, effectively giving you the benefit of a No Cost EMI. This discount excludes GST on interest amount that will be charged by your bank.

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Cat Eyes That Work For Each Face Shape

  • Oval The versatile oval face shape is defined by being longer than it is wide, with cheekbones that are slightly wider than forehead or chin. Oval-shaped faces are typically able to pull off any glasses style, including cat-eye shapes. Be bold, be daring and try something fun like a color-combination frame or a unique detail like rhinestones or a metallic accent on the wing.

  • Round A round face has the same height and width and generally a more rounded jawline and hairline. While many styles look good on round faces, angular glasses tend to work best, and that means cat eyes. The traditional cat-eye shape with its exaggerated wing and sloping bottom rim draw attention upward and can slim a wider face.

  • Square With a square face shape, you could effectively draw a straight line along the sides of your face, from forehead to jaw. Because square faces are more linear, rounder or curvier frames tend to contrast well with your face shape and soften strong, angular lines. In this case, youd be looking for glasses where the bottom sweep of the cat-eye is not as severe and looks more like round-shaped glasses, and the angle of the wing is more subdued and less pointy.

Regardless of your face shape, there are a pair of cat-eye glasses out there for you you just may have to be careful to find the right combination of materials, rim shape and ornamental details or colors near the temple.

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Time In The Wilderness

After the surge in popularity of the 60s, throughout the 70s the eyewear world was getting shuck up by funky large square and circular designs made famous by Jackie O. Whilst the frame stayed in manufacture it was no longer the dominant silhouette on the street and throughout the 90s and early noughties, they became associated with your Grandma’s frame as opposed to being fashion-forward!

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How To Style Cat

The retro cat-eye glasses are a timeless frame that has taken over many eyewear trends. Love popular clear frame glasses that work well with many skin tones and outfits?

Well, why not combine the clear glasses trend with a retro-style frame? Youll for sure faint over a pair of cat-eye clear glasses! A pair to rock as eyeglasses or sunglasses and great for many occasions. Its a simple yet fashionable look to rock every season.

Thanks to the versatile frame designs out there, you can find a pair of cat eye glasses to relive a 1940s nostalgic look or modernize your style with a new take on the classic frame.

So if you want to look your best with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or eyeglasses then here are a few tips:

Choosing the right shape cat-eye glasses for your face. Cat eye glasses can make you stand out with bold lines and prominent colors, the angular features create a fantastic contrast with rounder faces. Why not try out iconic designer cat-eye frames with elegant but daring Prada cat-eye glasses

Differently to clear frame glasses, cat eye glasses would make you and your look thrive with flashy or toned-down makeup. You can have fun rocking a low-key outfit with minimal makeup or strike out with bold red lipstick combined with the vintage retro cat-eye frames

Guide To Cat Eye Frames

Everyday Cat Eye | Glasses Friendly Tutorial

Guides /June 19, 2018

Known as the Manhattan, Harlequin and upswept glasses, cat eye glasses first appeared on the eyewear scene in the 1950s. Dreamed up by socialite and designer Altina Schinasi, cat eye glasses marked a new era of chic style for eyewear lovers. Prior to the emergence of the cat-eye style, glasses were generally rounded, simply designed and focused on function rather than fashion. When cat eye glasses were introduced, it added style, color, flair and fashion to this age old utility.

While cat eye glasses were originally created to be worn only with optical lenses, the style became more accessible to a wider audience in the 1960s through the addition of tinted lenses. Audrey Hepburn kicked off the trend for cat eye sunglasses after her starring role in iconic 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffanys, where she wore a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses designed by Oliver Goldsmith, similar to that of the bold style of the Mildred Sun. People began to refer to this trendy new style with the term, Manhattan, a name inspired by the films iconic cityscape. This would be the start of something big for cat eye glasses.

Here at Garrett Leight California Optical we only use the best frame metals and acetates and highest quality glass and CR-39 lenses to craft the best California designs. Visit us in store for the best fitting experience and get sunglass prescription lenses cut or custom lenses tinted exactly as you want them.

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Made In Manhattan: The Cat

Cant leave the house without throwing on a pair of cat-eye shades? We have many trailblazers to thank for that, but none as vital as American filmmaker and designer Altina Schinasi Miranda. Passing an opticians window on New Yorks Fifth Avenue one day, she found herself underwhelmed by the standardised unisex frames on display. A Dorothy Parker line came to mind Men seldom make passes at girls that wear glasses and Schinasi set out to make a pair of glasses that would make a woman look and feel attractive. She took inspiration from Venetian Harlequin masks and thus the Harlequin glasses were born.

The creation of the Harlequin glasses was enabled by coinciding innovation in the eyewear industry, namely the pantoscopic tilt. In 1931, American Optical introduced the Ful-Vue the first pantoscopic frame. For the first time ever, hinges were placed on the upper part of the frame that made the lenses tilt down on the wearers face. This technical improvement opened up the door for new shapes that would better fit the contours of the face. Owl look, be gone.

Cat Eye Glasses Australia

Cat-eye glasses- a true fashion statement, the cat eye style is synonymous with a classic and sophisticated style. They are a classic look that has been updated time and time again to suit modern styles and trends. Designed to complement an array of eye colours and adorned with everything from Swarovski crystals to exaggerated bows and laser cut designs, they are not going out of style any time soon. Giving you a sense of intrigue and playfulness that many styles are lacking, this style is very flattering. Made from premium materials and featuring UV and glare-resistant lenses, scratch-proof frames and innovative technology, cat eye glasses have never been such a great choice for your everyday eyewear solution. All the latest collections are available at Vision Direct where you are sure to find the perfect pair to suit your unique style. Browse through hundreds of styles by different designers in every colour of the rainbow. At unbeatable prices, Vision Direct is Australias most trusted online eyeglasses retailer, and with one of the largest selections of styles, you are sure to find your perfect pair of glasses.

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Find Your Piece Of History

At Ed and Sarna Vintage we have hundreds of cat eye frames available for you to choose from and all of them can be customised with new modern UV lenses or fitted out with your prescription. We hope you learnt some new things about this amazing frame shape and as always do get in touch with any questions or queries you have.

The Fifties: Housewives To Filmstars

2018 Vintage Chic Cat Eye Glasses Frame Fashion Classic ...

Throughout the post-war years, the popularity of the cat eye frame for prescription lenses soared. Eyewear companies started to truly cater to the market for feminine frames adding stylistic touches such as diamante, gold stars and elaborate flairs to the tips of the frames.

Everyone from movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, politicians like Shirley Chisholm, professional women and stay-at-home mothers favoured the cat eye silhouette, which tended to be smaller with a super-exaggerated, upswept flair.

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The Story Of Shades: Cat

The cat-eye represents the first explicitly feminine eyewear style. It also represents so much more: from revolutionising the eyewear industry, to breathing new life into a fading craft, the cat-eye shape characterises the endless possibilities of design, and the human desire to be playful.

Illustration: Laura Ann Huber for MYKITA JOURNAL

As the 20th century marched forward, so did womens freedoms. The middle class continued to expand and with the growth came an increase in disposable wealth and leisure time. Women who had been fighting for equal rights were finally seeing results they were getting out of the house en masse and looking at things further away than their own arms reach, literally. Women were out at the cinema, riding bikes or driving cars, skiing or sightseeingsuddenly a whole new demographic demanded clearer distance vision, sunglasses, or both. Women needed glasses that werent just for hiding behind at home with needlepoint and books, glasses that they could wear out and about on the townan accessory to be seen in.

The cat-eyes period of greatest popularity was during the 1950s, after WWII, when it fit in perfectly with the new lookof womens clothing.

The cat-eye was one of these new shapes, which would be iterated in numerous variations of the form. Traditionally the shape is an angled teardrop, much like the boteh in a paisley design, with the defining characteristic of the upswept lines that follow a feminine brow and cheekbones.

When Were Cat Eye Glasses Popular

Women fell in love with this frame shape almost immediately and the popularity of cat eye glasses grew through the 1950s and 1960s. Marilyn Monroe wore a pair in the 1953 film How to Marry a Millionaire, which solidified them as the quintessential choice for feminine eyewear. Today, cat eye frames continue to be one of the top trending glasses styles for women.

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Vintage Versace V90 Cat Eye Glasses Frames

Early 90s Versace Cat Eye Frames

Own the retro housewife look in these stunning early 90s cat eye glasses frames from Versace. Featuring exquisite diamante detailing and made from Italian acetate these are the only frames for a fashion-forward Nona to be seen wearing. With their classic upturned edges and ornate gold temples, these specs are perfect for all occasions.

Important Information Regarding Prescriptions

Shopping For Cat-Eye Glasses

Having a valid prescription when ordering glasses is essential. Ordinarily, we would verify your prescription with you as part of our normal checking process. However, given the current coronavirus situation and government advice, we realise that obtaining or verifying a copy of your prescription may be difficult. We have therefore suspended our usual verification process for prescriptions that you submit for the foreseeable future to ensure your order can be processed and dispatched to you without any further delay.

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Not Ready To Commit To Full

If youre not sure you want to commit to donning cat-eye glasses full-time as your primary glasses, test drive this unique style with a pair of specialty glasses, such as reading glasses, computer glasses, blue light blocking glasses or even just classic sunglasses.

Since you wont be wearing cat-eye reading glasses or computer glasses all the time, you can try a daring or chunky design that is both stylish and functional.

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Where To Buy Cat

Thanks to their sustained popularity, cat-eye glasses are one of the models that you will find in abundance when shopping for eyewear. They are a highly-regarded model, which is why we have an impressive range of them at SmartBuyGlasses. You can choose from high-end brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace, as well as cat-eye frame glasses from SmartBuy Collection that fit into a more affordable price bracket.

Why should you purchase your cat-eye glasses from us? We provide a variety of perks to ensure that your time is well spent and that your decision to become a customer of ours is rewarded. First and foremost, you can take advantage of our 100-day returns policy. All of our prescription glasses and designer sunglasses are available for a free return within a 100-day period following your purchase. We’ll take care of it for you, whether you want them replaced or refunded.

Make use of our “Best Price Guarantee” and if you discover a lower price for any of our glasses anywhere else online, we will match it. All we ask is that you notify us within 14 days of your purchase, and we will refund the difference to your account. Contact our customer service staff, and they will gladly assist you.


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