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What’s The Best Litter For Kittens

What Cat Litter Box Is Best

5 Best Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes (We Tested Them All)

As a cat owner, you want whats best for your feline friendand that includes finding the perfect litter box. After testing dozens of models, weve determined that the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box is the best for most people. Its easy to set up and keep clean, and it doesnt require any special litter.

So, what cat litter box is best?

We think the best cat litter box for most people is the Omega Paw Rolln Clean. Its easy to set up and use, and it did a great job of containing odor and keeping our test cats paws clean.

Lets dig into it and see if we can get to the bottom of it.

Choose A Type Of Cat Litter

Choose the best cat litter for your kitten based on a number of factors including smell, what its made of, whether it is biodegradable or suitable for compost. Petbarn has a wide range of litter styles. Some types of litter include:

Clay litter is available in both clumping and non-clumping varieties. Clumping clay cat litter is highly absorbent, quickest to absorb moisture, most economical and can be buried in the garden. Non-clumping clay litter can help stop tracking while being absorbent and economical.

Why Should You Trust Us

Over the last two years, weve on over a dozen of the most popular cat litter brands and more than 50 litter products.

Our litter testing team has spent hundreds of hours testing these products dust production, clumping ability, odor control, tendency to track and scatter, and more.

In addition to our own product research and testing, we consulted with several veterinarians to get their take on the safest and most effective cat litter.

Based on extensive research, hands-on testing, and expert insights, weve selected the following 11 cat litter products as the best you can put in your cats box.

Our Veterinary Advisors

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Can You Flush Cat Poop

Putting any cat litter down the drain can be harmful to local wildlife. The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies pet waste as a pollutant, which can introduce excess nutrients and harmful microorganisms like parasites and coliform bacteria into groundwater, rivers, and streams. Also, cat waste can cause toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection carried by cats that, in humans, can cause serious complications during pregnancy and for those with weakened immune systems. In California, evidence has linked toxoplasmosis from cat feces to increased mortality in sea otters, prompting legislation to attach anti-flushing notices on cat litter bags.

What Are You Looking For

What Are The Benefits of Non

Before you begin your search, you must have your exact needs in mind. Do you want a cordless drill, a cordless jigsaw, or a cordless screwdriver? Do you want to drill, cut, or screw? Will you be using this Cat Litter For Someone With Allergies in a workshop or for home use? If you will be using the Cat Litter For Someone With Allergies for home use, check if the Cat Litter For Someone With Allergies you want has a battery that can be recharged. You dont want to spend a lot of money on a Cat Litter For Someone With Allergies that you will not use.

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Fresh Step Simply Unscented Cat Litter

Fresh Step is my go-to brand, shares Sarah Wooten, a veterinarian who works with Pumpkin Pet Insurance. Cats have moderately sensitive noses. While the research is mixed as to what cats prefer, my recommendation for unscented is also based on hygiene. A person may not clean a litter box as often as needed if there is perfume covering up the smell.

Worlds Best Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter

The company Worlds Best being one of the top manufacturers provides this unscented clumping corn cat litter which is totally safe for kittens. Since it is made from whole kernel corn and completely free from any harmful chemicals & artificial perfumes hence it is not only safe for kittens but also for you as well as the planet.

This natural corn cat litter delivers long-lasting odor control and keeps your home smelling fresh throughout the day. Additionally, with its quick clumping formula not only it will trap the odor quickly but it will also make it easy to scoop out the waste easily. It is also flushable and safe for most of the septic and sewer systems.

Moreover, this lightweight cat litter is 99% dust-free so it will not produce any dust while cleaning or while your kitty is using it. Hence it keeps the air cleaner to breathe and does not irritate you or your cat while breathing.


  • Biodegradable and safe to flush
  • Completely free from harmful chemicals
  • Quick clumping formula which is also safe for cats


  • Comparatively expensive as compared to other litters

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Best Paper Cat Litter

Ökocat’s Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Litter is the most absorbent of all paper litters we tested and produces virtually no dust.

Pros: Made of sustainably sourced paper pellets, free of dyes and synthetic chemicals, very little dust, biodegradable, pellets are soft and less than 1 inch long, unscented

Cons: Expensive, some cats do not like using a pellet-style litter

Paper litters, most of which come in the form of small, firm pellets, can be good for cats with respiratory problems. Of the five paper varieties I evaluated, Ökocat’s Paper Pellet Litter performed best in my first round of testing. It absorbed liquid quickly and the paper pellets did not immediately fall apart.

The pellets were the softest and smallest of the paper litters, making them more compatible with a cat’s natural scratching, digging, and burying behaviors than brands with heavier, larger pellets. This litter does not clump. Instead, the paper pellets absorb as much liquid as they can before falling apart and turning into a sort of mulch. Scooping is only necessary for solids.

Neither of my cats were willing to use the paper litters, so I can’t speak to how well Ökocat controls odors or holds up over time. It is clear from the weight and shape of the litter that the pellets are very low tracking compared to smaller-grained clay and natural varieties. While the litter isn’t dust-free, it is close. The pellets are also biodegradable and unscented.

Whats The Best Cat Litter Box For Large Cats


If you own a super-sized Maine Coon or massive Chausie, it can be a struggle to find an adequate litter box. Litter boxes are usually undersized for average cats, and the search is even more challenging for a large cat.

Covered litter boxes are out of the question for large cats. While even small uncovered litter boxes allow your cat to extend their head and tail over the edges, a covered litter box has restrictive side walls that make your cat feel cramped. Look for big, sturdy uncovered boxes.

Because huge litter boxes are rare, many large cat guardians choose to make their own litter boxes or use plastic storage containers instead.

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Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented Non

Made with Silica gel crystals, Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented crystal cat litter will absorb moisture on contact and still leave litter dry to the touch. The moisture then evaporates, leaving the odor trapped in the crystal pellets and reducing changing and wastage. The crystals are soft and gentle on your cats paws, and the superior absorption will reduce tracking through your home.

The litter creates a large amount of powder when pouring and can cause eye and respiratory issues for both you and your cat. When the crystals are thoroughly soaked, they become hard and difficult to clean from the litter box. Also, these pellets wont last for more than a week before smelling and needing to be changed.

The PetSafe ScoopFree Non-clumping clay cat litter is made using activated charcoal, which quickly absorbs moisture and rapidly neutralizes odors. It has paw-activated, scented pellets for instant odor reduction and a specialized low-dust formula for optimum respiratory health. It is coated with an antimicrobial agent that stops odor-causing bacteria in its tracks and weighs 30% less than other clay litter for easy cleanup.

  • Dustier than other clay litters

The Best Senior Cat Litter Box Reviewed: Pros Cons And Analysis

  • Litter box designed to give your furry friend easy access to her bathroom.
  • Ideal for young, old or mobility-challenged paw-tners.
  • Features a 3-inch high entry point so your kitty can step right in without having to jump.

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Can A Kitten Die From Eating Cat Litter

Times may vary for the kittens taking to wet food. If your kitten eats cat litter it can be a dangerous situation, especially if the litter is toxic or has a clumping property. Clumps can form inside the body and cause a blockage in the digestive system, and this can kill your kitten if left untreated.

Why Do You Need A Different Litter For Kittens

Dr. Elsey

Kittens are more sensitive than adult cats and hence they need a different litter. Using a standard litter may not be suitable for kittens. This is because some of the litters come with added fragrances to which is not good for kittens.

Moreover, kittens usually have the habit of eating their litter. Due to this, their litter needs to be free of any toxic materials. Additionally, in the case of young kittens, it is recommended to use a non-clumping plant-based litter. This is because they have intestines with small diameters, and ingesting clumping litter might cause intestinal blockage. Hence, you should use non-clumping litter for them.

However, in the case of kittens older than 2-3 months of age, you can use clumping litters made from natural and plant-based ingredients.

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Worlds Best Cat Litter

Read Our Full Brand Review

This is one of the most well-known and well-regarded cat litter products available. It is superb at clumping and it does a great job of getting rid of odors. Its practically dust free, and it is made to be safe for your cat. The manufacturers only use natural components when making this litter, and that makes it a good choice for kittens.

However, it can be one of the pricier options, and in this case, you are definitely getting what you pay for. This flushable, environmentally safe cat litter can be used for cats of all ages. Just be aware that if your cat plays with the litter, it can stick to their fur and be tracked through the house.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Cat Litter Boxes

There is no universal answer to this question, as every home is different and every cat has different preferences. However, there are some general tips that may help you choose the best location for your cats litter box:

1. Choose a quiet, out-of-the-way spot.

Cats like peace and quiet when they do their business, so its important to choose a spot that is away from high-traffic areas in your home.

2. Make sure the litter box is easily accessible.

Cats may be reluctant to use a litter box that is difficult to reach or that requires them to jump or climb.

3. Place the litter box in a well-ventilated area.

Cats prefer a litter box with good ventilation to minimize odors.

4. Consider your cats age and mobility.

If you have an elderly or disabled cat, you may need to choose a litter box that is easier for them to access.

5. Keep the litter box clean.

Cats are very clean animals and they will avoid using a dirty litter box. Be sure to scoop the box daily and change the litter completely every week or two.

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Litter Box : What Type Of Litter Is Best For Your Cat

Our mission is to help save dogs’ and cats lives through our educational content. To support our efforts, this page may contain affiliate links. We earn a commission for qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

It seems like a new cat litter comes out every day. And while its good to have some choice in the type of litter you get for your cat, too much choice can easily feel overwhelming. And though every household is different and every cat can have their own needs and preferences, there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to the best litters for cats.

This article will help you cut through all the fancy packaging and marketing to find the right litter for your cat. Doing so wont just make them happier finding the right litter can also make it more likely that your cat will reliably use their litter boxes, which should also make you happier!

Think About Your Kittens Comfort

The Best Litter To Use With The Litter-Robot 3 Automatic Litter Box

Kittens have delicate paw pads and should use a comfortable litter.

Regardless of their age, cats usually prefer fine-grained litters that resemble the sand and soil that appears in natures litter box. Fine-grained litter is easy to dig in and is soft on kitten paws. Although fine-grained litters, including non-clumping clay, are the usual favorite, paper pellets are also known for their paw-friendly softness.

Paw-friendliness typically varies from product to product, but there is one type of litter that has an almost universal reputation for not being very comfortable on the paws: silica gel crystals.

Silica gel crystal litter is made from the same combination of silica dioxide, oxygen, and water that youll find within the desiccant packets commonly found along with moisture-sensitive products. Although the silica gel is non-toxic, the crystals have a hard, harsh texture that isnt ideal for delicate kitten paws.

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Cats Pride Unscented Complete Care Litter

This is a super-fine clumping clay litter, both lightweight and easy for cats to dig in. A win-win! Christine Sellers, the veterinary advisor at Cat Person, agrees. My go-to litter for my five cats at home and my top recommendation for my clients is Cats Pride Complete Control. The clumps are not too sticky and dont adhere to the box when scooped daily. And its lightweight.

Petsafe Scoopfree Premium Crystal Non

This is another non-clumping option, and it does a very good job of killing odors on contact. Of course, that comes with a price, and the scent it releases can be kind of strong and not very pleasant for animals with sensitive noses.

Your cat may or may not take to this litter, and you want to introduce it a little bit at a time. PetSafe has released this as a dual-package product, which means that you only need to open one bag at a time and you get to keep the other bag fresh and safe.

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What Paper Cat Litter We Don’t Recommend

  • We’d tested three different paper litters from Yesterday’s News, but they have since been have been discontinued by Purina.
  • Frisco Paper Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter: Frisco’s paper litter contains baking soda for decent odor control and gives off minimal dust. However, its long, hard pellets made it one of the least conducive to a cat’s natural scratching and covering behaviors.

What Is The Best Litter Box On The Market Today

What Is The Best Clumping Cat Litter For Your Cat?

There are a lot of different litter boxes on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your cat. However, we believe that the Litter-Robot 4 is the best litter box on the market today.

The Litter-Robot 4 is the result of over 22 years of innovation in automatic litter boxes. It is a well-designed, robust automatic litter box that uses a rotating mechanism to separate clean from dirty litter. This means that you dont have to do any scooping the Litter-Robot 4 will do it all for you.

There are a lot of features that make the Litter-Robot 4 the best litter box on the market. For example, it has an adjustable timer that allows you to set how often the litter box should rotate. It also has a self-cleaning cycle that starts automatically when the litter box is not in use.

The Litter-Robot 4 is also easy to set up and use. It comes with clear instructions and is very easy to assemble. It is also very easy to clean you can simply remove the waste drawer and empty it into the trash.

Overall, we believe that the Litter-Robot 4 is the best litter box on the market today. It is a well-designed, robust automatic litter box that is easy to use and maintain.

Moreover, The Litter-Robot 4 is the best overall automatic litter box. It uses a rotating mechanism to separate clean from dirty litter so you dont have to.

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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter Review

Non-clumping pine pellet litter

Feline Pine uses highly absorbent pine fibers to naturally absorb liquid and lock in odors. The 100% pine pellets are safe for your kitten to dig in, dont create clouds of dust, and are completely free from artificial ingredients, including added fragrances.

Instead of clumping, the pine pellets break down into sawdust when they come into contact with moisture. Each day, youll need to scoop out solid waste and gently stir the litter to move fresh pellets to the top and the sawdust to the bottom of the pan.

Some kittens may not like the feeling of the pellets underneath their paws. Buy It


  • Unscented with no chemicals or additives


  • Kittens may not like the sensation of pine pellets under their paws


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