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Why Is My Cat’s Poop Black

Diagnosing Melena In Cats

cat poops in bathtub

Obtaining a complete medical history, and performing a thorough physical examination are necessary in order to create an appropriate diagnostic plan for the patient with melena. An extensive battery of tests is often required to identify or isolate the specific cause, and such tests may include:

  • A complete blood count to evaluate for the presence of infection, inflammation and anemia associated with some diseases that cause melena
  • A biochemical profile to rule out metabolic causes of melena, and to evaluate electrolyte and protein levels
  • A urinalysis to evaluate the kidneys, the hydration status of the patient, and the presence of blood in the urine
  • Fecal tests for parasites and fecal culture for bacteria
  • A coagulation profile and platelet count to assess blood clotting
  • Abdominal radiographs to evaluate the abdominal organs and possibly identify foreign material or a tumor
  • Chest radiographs to evaluate for the presence of fluid or metastasis in the lungs

Your veterinarian may recommend additional tests to ensure optimal medical care. These are selected on a case-by-case basis:

  • Serologic tests for certain infectious diseases that may cause melena
  • Bile acids tests if liver disease was identified on the biochemistry test
  • A blood lead assay if there has been exposure to lead, or if there is material that looks like lead visible on abdominal x-rays

Blood In Cat Poop What Causes It And What You Should Do About It

Its hard to imagine non-cat people believing that cat guardians take the time to inspect what theyre removing from dirty litter boxes. However, our cats poop holds many clues as to how his body is functioning. Checking that everything looks normal in the litter box can keep your kitty in tiptop shape. For example, blood in cat poop is a red flag. Its a sliding scale from the felines response to a bit of stress to the onset of a potentially deadly condition.

So, what exactly does blood in cat poop look like, what are some of the causes of blood in cat poop and how do you treat blood in cat poop?

What Symptoms Should You Look Out For

Take careful note of the color of the blood in your cats stool. If its bright red, that means the bleeding is most likely occurring in the rectum or lower intestines. If it looks dark or more like black tar, that means its older blood and comes from bleeding in the upper GI tract. Your vet will want to know this information.

In addition to the blood, you may see any of the following:

  • Difficulty or crying while pooping
  • Frequent urination or drinking
  • Anus blocked by matted hair and fecal matter
  • Bloody diarrhea, or mucus in the diarrhea
  • Draining of pus from the anal area
  • Hard feces
  • Lethargy

Make good notes of all of the visible symptoms carefully so you can tell the vet when you visit. Your observations will be of tremendous help in the diagnosis since your cat cant talk! Its also a really good idea to take a sample of the stool with you to the veterinarian. The stool sample can assist in the diagnosis of your cats issue.

Try as best you can to differentiate between blood in the stool and blood in the urine. If your cat has blood in his urine, thats a different set of issues.

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Home Care For Cats With Melena

Optimal treatment for your pet requires a combination of home and professional veterinary care. Follow-up can be critical, especially if your pet does not rapidly improve.

  • Administer all prescribed medications exactly as directed. Alert your veterinarian if you are experiencing problems treating your pet.
  • Discontinue or avoid any medication or substance that may be irritating to the stomach lining.
  • Return to your veterinarian for follow-up testing as directed. Monitoring for anemia, electrolyte problems, and blood clotting ability may be indicated depending on the underlying cause of melena in your pet.


Can Worms Cause Blood In Cat Poop

Cat Poop Dark Black

Worms and other parasites are one of the possible causes of blood in your cats poo. But even cats that seem healthy can have worms, so its important to regularly worm them, even if they arent showing signs. Worms can make your cat very unwell so its important you make worming a regular part of your routine. Find out more about how to treat worm in your cat here.

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Is Hair Common In Cats Poop

Ans. Yes, hair is pretty common in cats poop. You may occasionally detect strange-looking items in your cats excrement, such as bone and twine, as well as wood. Its estimated that 80 to 90% of foreign bodies pass through the intestine without causing problems. They can, however, occasionally produce an obstruction. Hair in your cats poo isnt a cause for concern because, when not regurgitated as a furball, the hair they ingest from grooming goes through their system and exits with their feces. Little white particles that resemble rice grains, on the other hand, are frequently tapeworm remains and should be investigated by your veterinarian.

How To Identify Cat Stool Problems

This article was co-authored by Deanne Pawlisch, CVT, MA. Deanne Pawlisch is a Certified Veterinary Technician, who does corporate training for veterinary practices and has taught at the NAVTA-approved Veterinary Assistant Program at the Harper College in Illinois and in 2011 was elected to the board of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation. Deanne has been a Board Member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation in San Antonio, Texas since 2011. She holds a BS in Anthropology from Loyola University and an MA in Anthropology from Northern Illinois University.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 17,589 times.

There are a variety of stool problems that can affect your cat. Many of these problems can make your cat uncomfortable or even be indicative of a larger health problem. To determine whether or not your cat has a stool problem, youll need to monitor its behavior and inspect its litter box. You will also need to determine which cat has the problem, if you have more than one cat, so that you can provide proper treatment.

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What To Do About Blood In Cat Poop

For bright red or pinkish blood droplets, waiting a day can alleviate the issue. Colitis caused by stress can subside without intervention by removing the stressors. If the kitty has eaten something slightly disagreeable, it will usually pass quickly. Chicken broth, chicken-based baby food, or wet cat food can soften stools. However, if your cat is acting abnormal or sick, get him to the veterinarian right away. If hes acting normal but hes still got blood in his poop for more than 24 hours, get him medical attention. Dramatic weight loss also requires a medical exam.

If there are dark or tarry blood spots in the cat poop, thats an immediate cause of alarm. Get to your vet ASAP. A battery of tests will most likely unearth the underlying issue. Your vet will determine which tests to run first blood work, x-rays and sonograms should illuminate the issue. A seasoned veterinarian will be able to recommend which tests to run, and in which order, from the initial exam.

Dont forget to take a stool sample to the vets office!

Is My Cats Poop Normal Heres How To Tell

Why is there Blood in Your Cat’s Poop? – and how to treat it

Most cat owners deal with the everyday litter box issues:

But are you paying attention to what happens inside the litter box?

Your cats poo says a lot about his internal health. And while it sounds gross, its actually really important to take note of how it looks and smells.

Abnormal stools could be caused by something simple like stress or an incompatible diet. Or they could be signs of something more serious that requires vet attention.

Although its not very glamorous to talk about cat poo, noticing an abnormality could literally save your cats life! So its totally worth a few minutes of poo talk to help your cat live all nine of his lives healthily.

Heres the scoop on your cats #2:

How often should you check your cats poo?

The easiest way to monitor your cats bowel movements is to simply pay attention every time you clean out the litter box.

It doesnt need to involve a huge examination just take a quick look inside the scoop before you dump the poo into your Dooli Litter GenieĀ® Compatible Refill Bag.

Take a quick mental note of these five things, so you can spot abnormalities:

  • Shape

Whats normal and whats not?

Quick disclaimer: Were not animal experts here at Dooli just your garden-variety pet lovers!

We want to make it easier to and empower you to take an active role in monitoring your cats health.

Shape and consistency

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What Colour Should A Cats Poop Be

Most cat poop is brown . Varying shades of brown are normal. If your cat is an indoor cat, you will probably be able to tell if your cats poop is their normal colour. Occasionally this might be a little lighter or a little darker than normal a day or two like this is normally nothing to worry about. If you notice blood, mucous, pale or black stools, its important to get your cat checked over by a vet. You could also take a sample of their poop with you for the check-up.

What Will The Vet Do For A Cat With Bloody Stool

Once you arrive at the hospital, the veterinarian will usually do the following:

  • Take a medical history from you, asking about your cats health, environment and lifestyle.
  • Conduct a complete physical examination of your cat, feeling her body and looking into her eyes, ears and mouth.
  • Perform a fecal test on your cats bloody stool .

Depending on your cats other symptoms and the type of blood seen in the stool , the veterinarian might also want to:

  • Draw blood for blood work, such as a complete blood count .
  • Collect urine for analysis.
  • Take X-rays or perform other diagnostic tests like an ultrasound.
  • Recommend exploratory surgery or endoscopy.

If you end up going to an emergency animal hospital, your cat may be transferred to your regular veterinary clinic for further care in the morning.

Treatment for blood in cat stool is highly dependent on the cause of the bleeding. Once your veterinarian is able to pinpoint the source of the blood in your cats stool , he or she will be able to identify an appropriate treatment. Your cat may require fluids, medications, special food or other care.

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What Does Black Poop In Cats Mean

The regular colour of cat poop is brown.

All cats occasionally produce slightly different coloured poop, but if it’s black or bloody, it could be a sign that your pet has melena.

If you cat’s poop has started to show up as black in the cat litter, there’s a good chance that this is due to bleeding in your pet. This is known as melena and it’s usually caused by something else going wrong in your cat.

Read on to find out how to solve this problem for your cat.

When To Contact Your Vet

Black cat why hello sweet cheeks have nice poop canvas

Always contact your vet if you notice blood in your cats poo. If there is only a very small amount of blood, your cat is bright, eating properly and seems otherwise healthy and happy, your vet may advise trying to settle their stomach for 24 hours before having an appointment. This is likely to involve giving small amounts of a very bland diet regularly for a few days.

You know your cat best. If they dont have the symptoms listed above but you are still concerned its always best to contact your vet.

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Can Stress Cause Blood In Cat Poop

Severe stress can cause blood in cats poo. Situations like moving house, boarding your cat when you go on holiday or around fireworks night can all cause your cat stress. Its a good idea to seek advice from a vet if you suspect your cat is pooping blood due to stress as they may be able to offer ways to help. Theres also a chance that your cats symptoms are due to an underlying condition which your vet will be best placed to diagnose and treat.

Why Is My Cats Poop Black

Melena or black tarry poop is usually caused by bleeding in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, or if large amounts of blood have been swallowed this is usually from the mouth or respiratory tract. This may be the stomach or the first section of the intestines. Melena is a symptom that something is wrong.

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Blood In Cat Poopdo Not Ignore It

If you see blood in your cats poop, dont panic, but do have your cat checked by a veterinarian as quickly as possible. With cats especially, its never a good idea to delay seeking veterinary care.

Cats are evolutionarily-programmed to hide their illnesses. In the wild, a sick or injured cat could become a target for a larger predator.

This is the reason cats often hide their pain and discomfort. Sick cats will often act completely fineuntil theyre not. Signs of illness, like loss of appetite and weight loss, can be difficult to notice, especially in older cats.

Delaying treatment can lead to worse outcomes for the cat. Its always better to be safe than sorry, and bring your cat in for an exam if you see blood in your cats stool.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary care. Always talk to your veterinarian about questions you may have regarding your pets medical condition. Do not delay seeking professional veterinary advice because of something read on the internet.

How Often Should A Cat Poop

5 Reasons Why Your Kitten Won’t Poop

There is no specific frequency or timetable for cats to poop. It definitely varies from cat to cat. It can also change for individual cats if theyre suffering from an illness, feeling stressed out, or had a change in diet thats affecting their digestive system.

As a general rule of thumb, cats will poop once, maybe twice a day. If your cat is pooping a lot more than that or missing a couple of days in a row, its not a bad idea to talk to your veterinarian. This may be your cats normal routine, but then again, it could indicate somethings up with your cat.

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What Does Black Poop Mean In Cats

Black poop means that your cat has a condition known as melena.

Although the almost-black gunk coating your cats stool may not scream blood, it does indicate that something has changed.

This suggests that youre dealing with the upper GI tract: the stomach, or small intestine, and its caused by digested blood. Melena is the name given to this type of blood.

Bloody stools in cats can occur for a variety of reasons. If you pay attention to the litter box, you can tell whether the condition is light or serious.

So, while your cat may be perplexed as to why youre examining their feces, youre actually doing them a favor.

Make sure to check your cats hind end first if you find a few droplets of new blood. Its possible that the blood isnt coming from their GI system at all.

Instead, look for injuries or abscesses surrounding the rectum. These will need to be taken care of by a veterinarian.

What Causes Black Tar Like Stool In A Normally Healthy Cat

Now, what might be the cause of black, tar like stool in a case like this? The most common cause of black tarry stool is blood in the stool. This can obviosly be serious and the cause needs a vets diagnosis. I would collect a stool sample and make an appointment asap. See

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Cat Poop In Senior Cats

Cat diarrhea can be one of many symptoms of hyperthyroidism, for example, along with ravenous appetite, weight loss, excessive thirst and urination and vomiting. Luckily for Jack, the diarrhea soon passed, but I watch for signs of it.

Dont worry: Most, if not all, cats will experience cat diarrhea or constipation during their lives. A bout that lasts a day or two, while not pleasant, is not uncommon.

Be concerned: If your senior cat has diarrhea or constipation for more than a day or so, take him to the vet as soon as possible. Cats become more fragile as they age Dr. Plotnick said. And senior cats can decline quickly if issues like diarrhea or constipation arent addressed quickly.

This piece was originally published in 2017.

What Does Blood In My Cat’s Poo Mean

Blood In Cat Stool And Urine

Finding blood in your cats poo can be a frightening sight and its normal to think it always indicates something serious. But there are actually lots of different reasons why there might be blood in your cats stool and many of them are easily treatable. Causes of blood in cat poop include food allergies or eating something unsuitable, infection, parasites, reaction to some medications, anal gland issues and colitis . Even stress can cause blood in your cats poo, for instance if youve recently moved house or its fireworks season. Other possible reasons include pancreatitis, toxicity , cancer or blood disorder. While many of these causes are mild, others are life-threatening and will need emergency treatment so always speak to a vet to be safe.

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