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Stray Kittens What To Do

Take The Cat Into Your Home

Stray Cat Decides To Move Into Guyâs House | The Dodo Cat Crazy

The first rule of thumb for any animal that hangs around humans is this: animals go wherever the food is. A stray cat that has been hanging out in your neighborhood for an extended amount of time has stayed because it is being fed. Whether you are the primary feeder or someone else is doing it, food is being provided.

This should lead you to ask whether it is appropriate to take this cat into your home. If you own your own home, you dont have to worry about landlord permission. You do have to worry about who owns the cat, though. Taking the cat into your home will pretty much seal the deal as you being its new owner. Are you okay with not reuniting the animal with its original owner?

You also have to consider how taking the cat in will affect everyone else living in your home. You may have children with allergies or a spouse who absolutely abhors cats, or indeed, animals. Then there are frequent visitors to worry about, too. Maybe your primary babysitter is deathly afraid of cats. You never know.

If The Cat Is In Labour

If you’ve found a pregnant cat who you think is in labour:

  • Give her space – avoid disturbing her.
  • Try to locate her owner – post on local social media groups or speak to neighbours to see if anybody knows her. If you can’t find the owner, please call a local animal rescue centre for advice on what to do when the kittens arrive.
  • Placing a shallow bowl of water nearby – this should be done with minimal disturbance, keep a good distance.
  • Place some shelter nearby – depending upon the weather, placing some shelter nearby could help keep her shaded from the sun and sheltered from cold winds and rain.
  • Keep an eye on her to check she’s doing ok, but avoid disturbing her as it could cause unnecessary problems for the kittens.

Many cats give birth without needing any help at all, but signs she may be having difficulty include:

  • If between 30 and 60 minutes of intense straining she doesn’t produce a kitten or a kitten seems to be stuck.
  • The mother seems to be noticeably distressed.
  • If she seems lethargic, has passed an unpleasant discharge or is bleeding heavily from her vulva .

If you see any of these signs or if mum is at risk because she’s near a busy road or building, please call a local vet, animal rescue centre or call our advice line. Never put yourself in danger.

Its Been A Few Hours No Mom In Sight

The kittens appear to be abandoned, what can you do to help?

Once you remove the babies, you must keep them at an appropriate body temperature. Using a box with clean, soft towels, and warming bottles make a nest and place the kittens in the box. Keep them away from drafts and out of humidity. They need a room that stays close to 90 degrees for the first two weeks of age, then the temperature can be lowered to 80 degrees. Unweaned kittens need round-the-clock care and monitoring.

The kittens will need to be bottle fed with milk replacer every 2-3 hours and kept warm and dry.

  • 1 4 weeks old: will need to be bottle-fed kitten formula.
  • 5 weeks and older: can be offered canned food for KITTENS ONLY but they may still need to be bottle-fed. Canned food must be creamy texture with no chunky food or big pieces. Please try to find the best quality canned kitten food from the pet store.
  • If you, a neighbor, friend, or relative are able to take on this responsibility, you can give these abandoned kittens a shot at life! If your schedule does not allow for it, there may be resources in the community to help. Be aware that most local shelters do not have the staff to feed kittens around the clock and mortality rates in these kittens are very high.

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Can I Keep A Stray Cat

If you find a stray cat, you should first attempt to find their owner. You can keep the cat safe until you do so by offering them shelter and food, but you should get them scanned for a microchip and check any lost and found pages online first.

Once you are sure the cat is stray and doesnt have a home and owner waiting for them, if you are happy to you can adopt the cat yourself. We would always recommend having them microchipped so if they go roaming again they are more likely to be reunited with you. You can find out more about microchipping on our website.

If you cant care for the cat yourself, give your local Cats Protection branch or centre a call as we may be able to rehome them for you.

Provide Food Shelter And Monitor

What To Do If You Find A Stray Kitten In Perth

It is likely mom is taking good care of her kittens. Provide mom and her kittens with food, a dry and clean shelter, and continue to monitor their well-being. Once the kittens are able to eat wet food on their own, around 4-5 weeks old, you can bring them into your home to provide foster care and prepare them for adoption*. Visit this site for information on how to care for the kittens.

Prepare a Trap-Neuter-Return-Monitor plan for mom that will help keep them out of an animal shelter and set them up for long, healthy lives outdoors as community cats.

If you cannot provide foster care for these kittens or if you need additional support providing a TNRM plan for mom and her kittens, contact your local shelter or rescue to see if they can help.

*Please ensure these kittens dont have an owner already by checking for an ID tag and asking the shelter/rescue or a veterinary clinic to scan for a microchip. You can post signs in the neighborhood where they were found with a photo and details about the kittens. We encourage you to check your local laws to see if a found animal report needs to be filed or if notice needs to be given to either animal control or your local shelter

Has mom returned to her kittens within a few hours?


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When Should I Immediately Remove The Kittens

  • The kittens are wet, cold or both. Cold, especially, is deadly to the very young, the single kitten, or a litter that doesn’t bunch together for heat.
  • They are in danger from the elements, people or other animals.
  • They look scraggly, squirmy and highly distressed.
  • If you happen to find the mother and she’s deceased.

New arrivals will feel safer in their own safe space .

Mama Returns And You Can Leave It To Nature

If, upon rechecking the nest of kittens, you find that their mother has returned, you can rest easier and let nature take its course. She is the best bet that they will survive. Feel free to monitor the situation and make sure that the newborns are progressing, kept fed, and relatively safe from predators or other dangerous situations.

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Pro Tips For Proper Kitten Care

Kitties start weaning at a month old. Until then, hell need to be bottle-fed kitten formula. In a pinch, you can use goat milk but only for a short time.

Pet supply stores and many grocery stores will have all youll need:

  • Kitten formula
  • Rubber nipples
  • Cleaning supplies

Only bottle-feed the kitten with his belly touching the table . Experts recommend letting the kitten eat the warmed-up formula until hes full. It usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Kittens will need help eliminating urine and feces until they are approximately a month old. After each feeding, use a warm, damp washcloth to gently rub his anus until he goes. You can introduce a litter box filled with non-clumping litter at 3 weeks old.

How To Tell The Kittens Age

Guy Tries To Befriend A Stray Cat For Over A Year | The Dodo

Earlier, it was mentioned that giving stray kittens the wrong types of food can have an unfavorable impact on their digestive system and growth and development, too. This is why you should feed a stray kitten food ideal for its age.

The good news is that there is no need for you to be a veterinarian or have been there since the mommy cat gave birth to its litter.

Its because you can tell a kittens age just by having a keen eye and knowing which age-revealing signs to look for. By observing the little kitty cat, you can have an idea of how old it is and, ultimately, what to feed it.

Without further ado, heres how kittens look according to their age:

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Why Feral Cat Adoption Is Not An Option

Many experts agree that feral adult cats simply canât be tamed. They are wild animals, like raccoons. They tend to stay away from humans, hide during the day, and when adopted, are very difficult to socialize. Just like you would never try to handle a raccoon, you should never try to pick up a feral cat. Call for assistance from the humane society or other animal welfare center.

The ASPCA advocates adopting the many available domestic cats and kittens rather than trying to tame feral cats.

However, feral kittens — especially those less than 8 weeks old — often can be socialized. Abandoned and lost cats can also be reintroduced to domestic living.

How can you tell a stray from a feral cat? Lost or abandoned felines are usually comfortable around people and will frequently attempt to live near humans — under porches, or in garages, sheds, or backyards.

Still, Slater maintains that TNR is the most humane and effective long-term solution. âWhat weâve done historically hasnât gotten us anywhere,â she says. âWe need to try something different. Weâre not talking about neutering cats and then dumping them. What weâre really talking about is managed colonies, with a human feeding the cats, caring for them, getting them health care, providing them shelter.â

First Of All If The Mother Cat Returns

If Mama Cat returns and the area is relatively safe, leave the kittens with Mama Cat until they are weaned. You can monitor the environment and offer a shelter and regular food to Mama Cat but keep the food and shelter at a distance from each other. Mom will find the food but will not accept your shelter if the food is nearby, because she will not want to attract other cats or predators to food located near her nest.

Mama Cat offers her kittens the absolute best chance for survival. Never remove healthy kittens from Mama Cat before they are 4 weeks old. 5-6 weeks is the optimal age to take the kittens from a feral Mama Cat for socialization and adoption placement, and any time after 8 weeks for Trap-Neuter-Return . For kittens of friendly cats, they should remain with Mama Cat until at least 8-10 weeks old.

Female cats can become pregnant with a new litter even while they are still nursing, so dont forget to get the mother cat spayed or you will have more kittens soon! For information or advice about trapping Mama Cats and about local feral cat help and TNR programs, see here.

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Problems Posed By Stray Cats

Having a large number of stray cats in your neighborhood poses several problems, some obvious, some not so much:

  • Feral cats spread diseases.
  • Fleas, ticks, and other parasites travel on stray cats and can transfer to your pets.
  • Aggressive strays can pose a safety risk to small children, especially if the children think the cats are cute and try to interact with them.
  • Stray cats attract larger predatory animals, such as coyotes, hawks, and foxes.

The best way to humanely deal with stray cats is the trap-neuter-return method. This is exactly what it sounds like: collect the cat in a box or carrier, take it to a TNR facility to be spayed or neutered, and return it to where you initially trapped it.

What If I Dont Know Where The Kittens Are

What to Do If You Find Stray Kittens  Larimer Humane Society

Tell the surgery clinic staff you think she has kittens but do not know where they are when you drop her off for surgery. This way they can make sure she is ready to be released when you take her home. She will find her kittens and they will be able to nurse. Set out a box and canned food for the cat so she has extra nourishment during this time and a safe place to move her kittens to.

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I Found Kittens Outside What Do I Do

Did you know kittens are one of the most vulnerable populations in animal shelters and that many end up there because of well-meaning animal lovers?

The ASPCA wants to assist you in identifying the best approach for helping kittens in your community. Removing kittens from their current environment may not always be the right answer as the mom cat could be nearby getting food and no one can care for a kitten like their mom can! To help choose the right path for kittens you found, please answer the following questions.

Do the kittens appear ill or injured?

How You Know Youve Been Adopted By A Stray Cat

When a cat starts coming around your house and looking for attention, begging for food or trying to sneak in your front door, theres a good chance youve been adopted, explains Megan Phillips, BS, ADBC.

Phillips is a cofounder of Train With Trust, a Colorado Springs-based company that offers personalized behavior solutions for owners of all types of animals. And if you start leaving food out, theres no question. That cat will keep coming back.

Phillips does note, however, that not all cats that come around begging are necessarily stray cats. She suggests that some cats may be indoor/outdoor cats that belong to a neighbor something about your yard or area.

Elise Gouge, a certified dog and cat behavior consultant and owner of Pet Behavior Consulting, LLC in Granby, Massachusetts, notes that while you may feel special that a cat has chosen your yard as her new hangout spot, she might have other adoptees in your area. Some cats are good at making the neighborhood rounds and having several friends they like to visit, she says.

Before assuming that a cat wants to adopt you, you should check to see if hes wearing a cat ID tag or bring him to a nearby animal hospital or rescue group to have him scanned for a microchip. If the cat has an owner, it is your responsibility to make a genuine effort to reunite cat and owner.

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How To Tell If A Cat Is Stray

When you see a new cat around, or even one you keep seeing but your neighbours dont know who their owner is, it can be tricky to tell whether the cat is a stray, owned or feral.

It can be particularly difficult to spot the difference between a stray and feral cat. Feral cats live outdoors away from people and are not domesticated. Some things to look out for to identify a stray cat rather than a feral cat include:

  • appearance. A stray cat might look a little skinny or underweight. If the cat looks well-groomed and healthy, try asking neighbours or checking lost and found groups as they may have an owner
  • company. Stray cats are usually alone . They may be shy and timid at first, but might come to you over time whereas a feral cat is unlikely to come near you at all
  • location. Stray cats tend to stay near houses and people, so you might find them in your garden or trying to get into your house
  • theyre new. A stray cat may have just appeared and seem confused. Feral cats will usually be very familiar with the area they live in

How Much Time Will It Really Take Each Day

Smartest Stray Cat Follows Woman Home | The Dodo Cat Crazy

When kittens arrive, give them a day to calm down and adjust to their new surroundings. During this time, cover the cage completely with a sheet or blanket to help them feel extra secure.

After the first day, uncover the front of the cage. A lot of time is needed, the more often you visit, the more accustomed to you they will get, and the more attention they will want!

Being with your kitten or kittens several hours a day is important.

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A Quick Word On The Very Young

Roughly speaking, those adorable squeaky toys under the age of four weeks are called neonatal. This group needs two very important things. They must be kept warm and they need elimination stimulation. They cannot go to the loo on their own.

Use a tissue or cotton bud to gently wipe the bowel and bladder areas . Do this after every meal until they can “go to the bathroom” on their own. Also, remember to burp them gently by patting them softly on the back after feedings.

Investigate Does The Stray Kitten Have A Mother

Helping orphaned kittens will first require some detective work. One of the biggest mistakes people make when finding stray kittens is taking them away from their mother. Neonatal kittens are still nursing and need to be fed frequently, so they should be kept with their mother, if possible.

Heres how to assess the situation:

  • Are the kittens sleeping comfortably? The mother is probably coming back.
  • When you recheck on them, are any of them missing? The mother is moving them.
  • If theyre often found sleeping, then the mother is caring for them.
  • To be absolutely sure, sprinkle some flour around where the kittens are located and look for paw prints upon your return. If the mother is in the picture, let them be. In approximately eight weeks, go back and TNR the whole family.
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